Microsoft Surface RT & Surface Pro Features

Microsoft Surface is the first tablet from Microsoft and here we present the reviews of this device. The two versions i.e. Surface RT and Surface Pro have been announced. Both sports a sleek design and will come with Windows 8 OS. The features that make Microsoft Surface a big player are 10.6 inch display, a kickstand, full sized USB port, two camera for front and rear, 3 mm cover that can be used as both keypad and trackpadand good battery backup.  The touchpad is available in different colors and options are black, white, blue, pink and orange. Not much has been revealed about this tablet and here are some of the specifications that we could get our hands on.


Operating system and Processor

  • Microsoft Surface RT has the latest Windows RT version and ARM processor.
  • Surface Pro will have Windows 8 Pro and Intel processor.


Both the Surface RT and Surface Pro have a sleek built with magnesium alloy chassis and cutaway edges. It has a kickstand and a touchpad cover which is multipurpose used as keyboard and trackpad.It  is 3 mm thin and can be joined with tablet with a click via magnetic components present.

  • The thickness is 9.3 mm for Surface RT which can hold a full USB port.
  • Surface Pro has 13.5 mm thickness.

Display Dimension and Weight

The display for both Microsoft Surface RT and Pro is 10.6 inches with 16:9 screen HD display.The ultra-wide viewing angle makes up for nice experience.

  • There is a great clarity with Microsoft’s ClearType HD Display in Surface RT and it weighs 676g.
  • Surface Pro has ClearType Full HD display and a better clarity. It weighs 903g.


Camera Configuration

The Microsoft Surface RT and Pro features two cameras, a front and a rear one. The front camera named Life Cam can be used for video calling and the rear camera can be angled upto 22 degrees for better shots. The stereo speakers and dual microphones make the best of Skype and you get voice quality like never before making you feel the person is right next to you.

Internal Memory and Extendable Memory

  • The internal memory for Surface RT has variations of 32/64GB. There will be external card slot too for expanding your memory.
  • Surface Pro has internal memory variations of 64/128 GB which is expandable.


Both have Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n WLAN.

  • There is USB 2.0, Micro HD Video and 2×2 MMO antennae for Surface RT.
  • Surface Pro has USB 3.0, Mini Display Port Video and 2×2 MMO antennae.

Power Management

It is being claimed that Surface will have a strong battery backup with 7.5 hrs of standby.


The reviews as of now for the new Microsoft Surface tablet seem to be positive with its innovative design and finish along with the emerging OS.The features mentioned seem to establish that Microsoft has dived in this field in view of recently released Apple iPhone5 and other leading brands and has to prove its part when it comes in market. Surface Pro will release later and much of Microsoft’s stake is at these two devices.

Price and Availability

The Microsoft Surface RT is scheduled to release on October 26 while the Surface Pro will follow three months later. There have been speculations about its price and it is not yet confirmed.

  • The price is approximated at $599 for Surface RT .
  • The price is speculated at $799 for Surface Pro.