Digital Photo Frames – Will they still make sense in the iPad Generation??

Digital Photo Frames are nothing new and there is no need for introducing them. The Digital Photo Frames are still being considered as one of the best holiday gifts, despite of fact that we are in now iPad Generation. The debate is still going on, that these Digital Photo Frames are no longer considered as attractive gifts, but still they are able to manage huge market.

These frames are loaded with memory card slot or USB slot allowing you to insert these memory carriers and create the instant slideshows. Some of the Digital Photo Frames, are even capable of playing videos/audios, provides access to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and many more. The best part is, these frames are available for pretty reasonable prices because, LCDs have become pretty affordable these days.


These frames ranges between 7-10 inches size mostly and there are few models that are available in 15-inch extended Ha tou fir bahar bhi dikhega na sizes as well. But before you consider buying a Digital Photo Frame, make sure you choose a frame that had minimum resolution of 640×480 or more, else the quality of the view for your images will not be good and obviously it doesn’t worth your money. While buying the Digital Photo Frames, you can consider some of the Top companies like Sony, Viewsonic, Kodak, etc., at reasonably cheaper prices and decent quality.

Some of the best frames like Kodak Pulse, allows us to connect to Wi-Fi and upload photos from PC, but also from Social Networking sites like Facebook, which makes life really easy. You can also share your photos with your family by choosing the custom e-mail address.

The decent Digital Photo Frame price ranges between $30 to $150 and it depends on your requirement, but to get a perfect Digital Photo Frame’s experience I suggest you to buy one from Sony, or Kodak.

Considering all these features, don’t you think we have almost every feature that these frames are offering us in our SmartPhones and Tablets?

So, does that mean that we no longer use the Digital Photo Frames?

Well, the market for Digital Photo Frames is still strong considering the stats from past 5 years with over 7% raise in the market between the years 2011-12. The major reason for the users to buy these Digital Photo Frames is just because they allow us to display our favorite photos, available at cheaper price, great decorative item, and what not; they are getting advanced with Wi-Fi, sharing options, better display and many more. So, I believe that the scope for Digital photo Frames is still strong, but if any new innovation arrives they may extinct soon.

Here are some of the best Digital Photo Frame suggestions that I’d like to give you before wrapping up this post Audiovox 5-inch Digital Picture Frame, Coby DP700 7-inch Widescreen, Sony DPF-XR100 , Kodak Pulse, Viewsonic 8-inch Super Slim Digital Album Media Frame VFM82050.

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